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Reduces Challenging Behaviour in People with Dementia


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Created by Peter Ronan Certified Dementia Practitioner

About Cluckingham Palace
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Created by Peter Ronan CDP

You can see more about what the chickens are upto by following them on twitter.

Pompom produces a daily brainteaser and wordsearch puzzle every day, which can be downloaded from twitter.

The Chickens

We used a small breed of chicken called Bantam, which are smaller than the regular chicken, which are more docile by nature.

hen therapy care plan

Click on the Image to download the PDF file.

Every chicken has their own individual 'Animal Care Plan', which is completed, just like a service users care plan, identifying needs, problems, etc.

Hentherapy @ Cluckingham Palace
We used Hentherapy, with people living with dementia, the results were extremely positive. One resident was featured in the local media, then on ITV News, after hentherapy led to a reduction in her medication.
Diversion Technique

We found that those people, with challenging behaviour, during an event, introducing a chick or chicken, usually calmed them down, rapidly.

Our Findings

Here are our findings based on 6 months of Hentherapy with people living with Alzheimer's diseases.

Stimulated SensesStimulated All Senses 5 out of 5
Reduced MedicationReduction in Medication 4 out of 5
Behaviour DiversionBehaviour Diversion 5 out of 5
Increased CommunicationIncreased Communication 5 out of 5
The Latest News for 2017
2017 started badly for Hentherapy, with all chickens locked in due to Birdflu in England.
Ruffles got a Contract with Butlins

Ruffles has left Cluckingham Palace and is busy preparing for the summer season at Butlins, Bognor Regis as a Elvis Henpersonator.

Good-Bye to the Creator of Cluckingham Palace

Peter Ronan who created our Hen Therapy Project, left on March 3rd 2017 due to an error in wages, which the company refused to rectify.

How To Start Doing Hentherapy?

Anyone can keep chickens and start a Hentherapy Project

1. Plan Project, 2. Permission, 3. Find Location Outside, 4. Buy Chicken Coop.

5. Risk Assessments, 6. Buy Food & Accessories, 7. Get Chickens, 8. Start Enjoying.

So many activities, from holding, stroking, smelling, talking, listening. (have eggs for tea)

Photos from Cluckingham Palace
  • Cluckingham Palace Chicken Coop
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Mary & Rufffles appeared in the local papers, and then Hannah Pettifer from ITV News came.
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You can watch the news story on ITV here

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